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MAP of the world manufacturing output

19 octobre 2020

You can see the importance of Asia, which represents more than half of the world output (52%). Europe’s share (22%)…

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What’s the most frequent status for companies in China?

13 janvier 2015

Indeed, China is a country with outstanding opportunities in which many foreigners would like to participate and implement their company.The…

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US and China to extend Visas for Business travelers, Tourists and Students

12 janvier 2015

The validity for short-term travelers between China and The United States will be increased starting November 2014. Chinese applicants will…

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The Visa process for China in short

10 janvier 2015

Short-Term Visas As soon as you travel to Shanghai for commercial or academic purposes, an L visa is no longer…

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Fashion Industry in China

7 janvier 2015

China has great potential for the fashion industry, especially due to its large population and economic growth. The country is…

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